Minimum order approx 100 for single colour and 200 for multicolour

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Supplyluster2ing Australia with quality transfers since 1977
We specialise in heat applied transfers for the clothing industry, schools, clubs, businesses and government departments.

  • Flock, Stretch and Luster style transfers
  • Your Company name, logo or brand on your product
  • Cost effective and high quality – will never peel off!

We are the sole Australian distributors of TransFlock®™ transfers.To see some of our products, please take a look at our gallery, and if you’d like a sample, just let us know.


Flock transfers – The embroidery alternative

  • Slightly raised and feels like velvet
  • Also called iron-on transfers or heat seals
  • Apply with domestic iron or heat press
  • Apply to any washable fabric
  • High quality, good detail even for small print
  • A long shelf life


Why our clients choose flock transfers
Schools and Colleges – for a cost effective method of putting school emblems on uniforms.

Workwear Apparel Suppliers – Company logos can be added without the time and cost of outsourcing embroidery and screen printing. No more delays!

Clothing Manufacturers (fashion sports and leisure wear) – long lasting trimmings, and easy to apply inhouse on demand.

Why a flock transfer is better
We often hear from people who have tried to apply other manufacturers’ flock transfers with no long-term success. Our flock transfer is the true iron-on transfer. Over 400 schools and clubs use our product because it’s cost effective, easy to apply, and it will outlast the garment.